Inspiring Part-Time Teachers Needed in Beijing

TSL is a growing British/Chinese education company focused on helping students transition from Chinese schools to western education. We create fully bespoke one-to-one programmes for students that fully immerse them in English-speaking classes covering ESL, maths, critical thinking and study skills. Our students are usually between the ages of 6-15.

We have a great team of British, American and Chinese education-specialists who work hard to make sure that students are not only accepted into top English-speaking schools around the world, but also that they flourish once they are admitted!

Job Responsibilities

1. Improving students' English quickly and effectively 2. Helping to develop bespoke programmes for each student 3. Creating interesting activities and reading lists for students' free time 4. Working as part of a team to help students and their families 5. Finding creative and interesting solutions to any challenges

Some Requirements

  1. Remaining permanently positive and enthusiastic
  2. Being patient, supportive and empathetic
  3. Undergraduate degree
  4. English-teaching qualification
  5. Experience teaching in the UK/America preferred

Some More Details

  1. School is in Beijing; next to Maquanying Subway Station
  2. We have four teaching options available:

We are looking for filling positions that are 2, 3 or 5 nights a week.

The rate of pay is 240 rmb/ hour.

If you have any interest, please contact Thomas with your CV and any other information you think might be relevant:

We generally work with experienced, qualified teachers but, if you are thinking about moving into teaching, we are happy to support the training of enthusiastic, motivated individuals who connect with children and want to change lives!

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