Career: Planets Aligned on Tuesday, November 19

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Plug&Work, the IT & Finance afterwork is coming back on Tuesday, November 19 from 6pm to 10pm, at the d'Coque Sports Centre in Luxembourg. It will enable keen talents to meet companies who share their passion, in a prestigious but unusual place.

What is the Plug&Work universe?

In the networking and recruitment galaxy, Plug&Work Luxembourg evenings come back every year to enlighten us with a special aura: this year, 30 IT & Finance companies will be participing to talk about tech, projects and career opportunities.

This is a unique opportunity for registered and invited people to participate in this beautiful party, to meet HR and operational teams and hopefully... find a new job.

How? A preselection process of talents is operated before the event by a Sourcing team willing to create the match between both sides.

A myriad of opportunities

In IT, 3 areas of expertise will be represented:

  • IT Development (with popular programming languages such as JavaScript, SQL, Python, Java, C#, PHP...). In general, coding enthusiasts operating in startups, IT services companies, consulting firms or financial services are welcome.
  • System and network administration (Windows/Linux), Cyber Security, Telecom Infrastructure, DevOps. We are looking for people with a sharp vision of a company's IT infrastructure.
  • IT Consultants combining both Tech and Finance. Consultants with technical and professional expertise are also welcome, as well as Business Analysts, PMO, CTO, Scrum Master...

In Finance, traditional professions from all financial services will be represented:

    Accounting/Controlling, Audit, Banking, Insurance, Investment Funds and Legal.

This event is the place to be for people who want to talk about new practices and career opportunities with specialized guests.

The human aspect above all

Because you are more than a resume, the Plug&Work afterwork offers an out of the box concept based on soft skills and interactions taking place in a friendly environment without CVs nor booth. However, guests should not forget their business cards since Plug&Work will enable them to make a lot of contacts and to highlight their skills and personality over a drink or a table-football game!

Tired of going round in circles or willing to send your career into orbit? Register now!
Plug&Work Luxembourg National Sports and Culture Centre d'Coque 2, rue Léon Hengen ; L-1745 Luxembourg Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 6pm to 10pm Mandatory registration (until November 14 at 4pm) More info:

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