FAQ – Plug&Work Luxembourg 2019 (English version)

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Before the event:
  • What is Plug&Work Luxembourg ?
    The Plug&Work Luxembourg recruitment afterwork gathers around 40 Luxembourgish IT & Finance companies every year, to meet with and share about projects, tech and jobs. The afterwork takes place in a friendly and unusual place with music and a cocktail dinner.
  • How do I register to Plug&Work Luxembourg?
    To register for Plug&Work Luxembourg, you just need to go on plugnwork.lu. If you already have an account on moovijob.com, you can click on the button " register " and provide an updated version of your resume. If you don't have an account yet, we invite you to fill in the form. This will help recruiters to find you in the CV-bank of this event.
  • What is the selection process?
    After your registration onplugnwork.lu, you will receive a confirmation email (not an invitation). Our Sourcing Team will then send you an invitation, or not, within 3 days. The goal of this event is to create a match between profiles and offers proposed, that is why our selection criteria are as follows: the number of offers proposed in your field, the adequacy of your skills, your level of experience and the number of participants already invited.
  • What can I do if my profile has not been selected to participate?
    We are open to any questions or remarks regarding your participation request. You can contact the Team in charge of the selection at: lu.plugnwork@moovijob.com
  • During the event, you will have the opportunity to meet recruiters, directors of services, HR but also future colleagues. A unique occasion to speak about you, your experiences and expectations. The idea is also to balance the conversation with questions for companies to raise their attention. Show that you studied their job offers on How can I get ready to participate?
    To get ready for Plug&Work Luxembourg, here are ourbest tips.
    plugnwork.lu before coming, to show your motivation.
During the event:
  • How to access and where to park?
    Warning: the job party Plug&Work Luxembourg takes place in Luxembourg City, not in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris. Discover here how to come:Google Maps. You can park at Parking Coque 2 - 5 Rue Erasme or at Parking Adenauer - Bd Adenauer. The entry of d'Coque is the number 1, called Arena.

    Luxembourg disposes of an international airport, located 10 minutes away by bus from D'Coque; the mainline central train station: 2h11 away by TGV from Paris and 1h34 from Strasbourg. If you come by car (3h30 from Paris, 2h20 from Strasbourg and 2h24 from Brussels), please check out all the information about the parking areas near the place here.

  • Where can I sleep close to the event?
    If you come from a long way, several hotels are located nearby D'Coque, here is afull list. If you prefer opting for a more economical solution, the Youth Hostel of Luxembourg is 10 minutes walking from the job party. One night costs 25.15 € per person, breakfast included. You can check availabilities here.
  • How can I find recruiters during the evening?
    At the entrance, members of the Moovijob team will give you a colored badge corresponding to a professional skill. Recruiters will be also equipped with a colored necklace with a badge and their logo. This will help you to find them during the party.
After the event:
Not registered yet? If you are experienced in IT/ICT or Finance, you can register until November, 14th here!
FAQ – Plug&Work Luxembourg 2019 (English version)

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