Things you probably didn’t know about Luxembourg

Whether you are living, working or simply interested by this country, you might want to know more about its history and its culture. Here are 30 facts you probably didn't know about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  1. "We will stay what we are"
    " Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn " means " we will stay what we are " and it is the official motto of Luxembourg. It was originally a lyrics from a poem written by Michel Lentz in 1859.
  2. Luxembourg is the reachest country in the world
    According to its GDP per capita (Gross Domestic Product). In 2019, it was 119,719 USD (110 243,24 e
  3. Luxembourg's 5 largest foreign communities are Portuguese, French and Italian...
    followed by Belgian and German
  4. Around 14,000 jobs are created each year
    Luxembourg's recruiters are always looking for new talents. Find yournew opportunity in Luxembourg now.
  5. Luxembourg is first country in the world to make public transport free
    From March, 1, 2020.
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