Why should you use structured interviewing?

The structured interviewing technique consists of using the same interviewing methods - and especially the exact same questions - to assess different candidates applying for a specific position. If you think that you "have to adapt the questions to each personality and career path" and if you're still skeptical, you are probably going to change your mind after reading this article...

We're giving you the 5 main advantages of the structured interviewing method - compared to unstructured interviewing method. Let's go! 👇

    Ability to assess skills, you will increase

To create interview guides, you will focus on defining the different skills you need to assess for a specific position. You will thus be sure - thanks to the structured interviewing method - that you're using the right recruitment criteria while interviewing.

Using this recruitment technique will increase in the long term the validity of the assessments made during the interview.

    Errors related to assessors, you will reduce

The influence of the recruiter on the course of an interview is greatly reduced since you have set a list of questions for the candidates in advance.

This technique will avoid bias and will provide an accurate assessment to every candidate.

    Discrimination during the interview, you will avoid

Another considerable advantage of this recruitment method is that you will avoid any discrimination during the interview process since every candidate has been assessed on the same criteria.

Any potential discrimination related to some questions being asked to one specific candidate and not to the others is then excluded.

    Candidate experience, you will improve

Candidates will appreciate the structured interviewing method as a standardized set of questions leads to a fair assessment.

This technique will also prevent the candidates from questioning whether you're asking them one question - since every question is directly related to an aspect of the job they're applying for.

    Decision-making, you will facilitate

We advise you to create an assessment grid - among with the set of questions - so it will be easier for you to compare several candidates at the same time thanks to their answers and performance during the interview.

You will have a whole set of information - fair, consistent, and unbiased - to help you to choose the best-suited candidate for a specific position.

Structured interview method is difficult to develop - you need to write the questions, test them, but also occasionally refresh them so the candidates don't come with stock answers - this is why this technique isn't used in every company nowadays. But we've just seen that this could help you to assess different candidates in a more efficient way.

It's your turn! Tell us, what do you think about structured interviewing? 🤔

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