Job interview: questions that leave us speechless

We are sure you already had this feeling. You know when a job interview is going perfectly fine - you are almost sure to get the job - and then... the recruiter asks one question that leave you speechless? You do not know what to say any more - and you are now concerned it will ruin your chances of working for this company. We gave you 6 interview questions and an answer to each one in this article!
    "If I gave you one billion dollars now, what would you do?"

👉 I would use some money to travel, provide for my family, and donate to different charity. Despite this amount of money, I would still want to work for your company. I think your company is a great opportunity to reach my career goals thanks to your vision. Of course, one billion dollars will have a big change in my private life, it would not change my professional life.

    "What proverb would best describe you?

👉 All things come to him who waits.

    "If you had to choose between two superpowers - being invisible or flying - which would you choose?"

👉 Flying, so I can get a global vision of what is going on around me.

    "Are you more of a Wolf or a Shepherd?"

👉 Wolf because they always travel in packs and I also love to work as a team.

    "If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?"

👉 I would be a beet because it is energetic. Did I tell you that I was motivated and dynamic?

👉 They say that I am patient and involved. Those are two very important skills to occupy the position I am applying for.

Some recruiters ask weird, unexpected, or even funny questions to see how you react and what you come up with. Most of the time, they are not looking for a specific answer, but they want to see how you react and if you can be quick on the draw. Remember, try to include a professional aspect in each one of your answer - such as some skills required for the job or characteristics of the company.

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