Coronavirus crisis raises new workforce needs in Luxembourg

The sanitary crisis we had to faced during the last few months left us with a good amont of questions for which we do not yet have an answer. Governments, companies, recruiters, workers and job seekers are now challenged in a unprecedent way, finding solutions to keep businesses and economy running, while placing safety first. After observing recruiters publish job offers online during the last 10 years, the Moovijob team now wants to share the job ads evolution from before and after quarantine. Luxembourg companies keeps recruiting

At the beginning of the year, no one within the Moovijob team would have imagine what has happened to us. After a few weeks of processing the situation, we now have a better overview of what is happening on the Luxembourg recruitment market. Good news: it seems that, after all, Luxembourg companies are still recruiting! Although the number of job ads posted on has slightly droped at the beginning of quarantine due to the lack of information about the companies' future recovery, it seems that the figures are slowly going back to normal on the jobboard, approaching 3.000 offers.

What's new about the needs?

If Luxembourg is now known for its penury of IT/ICT professionals, this is not a major trend of our crisis analysis. Indeed, after looking through the recently published job ads, the Information Technology category was not one of the fastest growing recruitment needs during the period. On the contrary, the number of job offers in the Finance industry increased significantly between the period January 2020 and June of the same year. On, the Finance Industry is subdivided into several categories: Banking, Insurance, Audit, Accounting / Controlling / Tax and Investment Funds. On average, job offers in these categories have doubled or even tripled for certain sectors such as Banking and Insurance.

Other sectors currently booming are Construction and Industry. Since the official re-start of construction sites in Luxembourg on 20 April, companies have been required to put in place major safety measures to guarantee the health and safety of their workers. With this unexpected pause in the construction planning, it is possible to imagine that employers are trying to make up for the accumulated delay by making more hirings. On Moovijob, you will now find a lot of advertisements for jobs as draughtsman, maintenance technician, isolator, sanitary fitter, carpenter, etc. Finally, the field of personal and business services such as cleaning or security services are the latest victorious sectors in Luxembourg's post-crisis recruitment market. Due to new cleaning standards and restrictions on the number of people allowed in certain establishments, security guards and cleaning staff are increasingly sought after by recruiting companies.

What about the " left out " areas?

If, after the crisis, certain sectors will generate a large number of recruitments, that is not the case for all of them. Indeed, some industries already struggling before the crisis (lack of job offers and abundance of candidates) will not be as fortunate as others and it may be even more difficult to find a job there in this context.

This is the case of the hotels/restaurants industry, one of the first areas to be affected by the crisis. After the confinement and then the various restrictions, restaurant owners do not seem to be ready to recruit again. This will particularly affect students looking for summer jobs, many of whom turn to the restaurant industry every year to make a little extra money. In fact, over the period between 16 March and 4 June, the Moovijob team recorded a 40% drop in job offers published in this category, compared to the period between 1 January and 15 March 2020.

Marketers and communication professionals will also have to intensify their efforts to stand out from other candidates and secure a job. The number of jobs available in the marketing industry, which was already pretty low before the pandemic, has not yet started to rise again.

Cheer up, it's only a matter of time before finding your next dream job with Moovijob.

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